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Board of Directors

Temecula Valley Symphony’s Board Meetings are held at the beautiful Truax Building in Old Town Temecula.

Board of Directors & Creative Team


      President & Artistic Director – Alana Joos
      Vice President – John Morris
      Secretary – Nancy VandenBerg
      Treasurer – Sharon Rollinson


          Maria Cantrell – Assistant to the Treasurer
          Lynne Hartung
          Susie Kelley
          Elizabeth Monacelli
          Robbie Motter
          Bernie L. Truax

            Temecula Valley Symphony Conductors:

              John Mario – Music Director & Conductor
              Zun-Hin Woo – Associate Conductor & Concertmaster

                Youth Symphony Conductors & Coaches:

              Thomas Kociela – Music Director & Conductor
              Scott Merrin – Jr. Youth Symphony Conductor
              Elizabeth Monacelli – Prelude Beginning Strings Instructor & String Coach
              Gina Wingfield – Prelude Beginning Strings Instructor & Cello Coach

                Symphony Chorus Committee:

              Susie Kelley – Chorus President & Chair
              Pam Rentz – Vice Chair
              Jill Gipson – Chorus Treasurer
              Lisa Johnson – Chorus Librarian
              Eric Rea – Artistic Director & Conductor
              Wendi Turk – Accompanist