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Our individual donors and concert patrons are dear to our hearts for you are the ones who have faithfully donated year after year because you believe in the Symphony and the important role we play in our arts community. Thank you for your continued support. We have several different categories available for individual giving. Please make your check payable to Temecula Valley Symphony and mail it to PO Box 637, Temecula, CA 92593.

We are in the process of adding a donation button to this web page. In the meantime please fill out our does Methocarbamol require an rx in canada or call 951-587-1536 to make a donation over the phone. We greatly appreciate your generous contributions. Thank you.

SILVER SPONSOR – Donations of $5,000 or more annually

MAESTRO’S SPONSOR – Donations of $1,000 or more annually

• Barbara L. Anderson

• Roy Bailey & Wendy North

• Albert Ball

• Rose Cook

• Loma Linda University Medical Center, Murrieta

• Jimmy and Peg Moore

• Robbie Motter (NAFE Success Up Seminars)

• Riverside County Supervisor – Chuck Washington

• Bernie L. and Arlean Truax – Truax Development

GUEST ARTIST PARTNER – Donations of $5,000 or more annually

BRAVO – Donations of $100-$499

      • Kathleen Bies
      • Michael & Janice Bigelow
      • Elizabeth Cruz
      • Diana & Peter Cunningham
      • Doris & Cliff Elder
      • Lynne & John Hartung
      • Mark Hevesy
      • Ron & Raj Lycan
      • John Maguire
      • Susan F. McCowan
      • Dr. & Mrs. Matthew E. Rahn
      • Lynne Rupert
      • Meredith Sharma
      • Susan B. Stillings
      • The Boeing Company
      • Kathleen Thomas
      • Tom Tremper
      • Nancy VandenBerg

SYMPHONY CHORUS – Donations of $20 – $300

      • Pamela & Terry Brennan
      • Corner Bakery
      • Judy Call
      • Peter & Diana Cunningham
      • Ken & Susan Dickson
      • Thalia Evenson
      • Cathy Fakes
      • Jill Gipson
      • Cynthia Huven
      • Lisa Johnson
      • Susie & Wayne Kelley
      • Chor Kwan
      • Pam Rentz
      • Sprouts
      • Susan Van Oort
      • Doug & Donna Tucker
      • Diane Whitmer

YOUTH SYMPHONY – Donations of $20 – $300

      • Ron & Raj Lycan
      • Jenny & Ken Shin
      • Jacky Yee

COMMANDER JOEL D. TIU SCHOLARSHIP FUND – This fund was set up in honor of Commander Joel D. Tiu, father of TVS musicians Justine (harp) and Derrik (violin), who served in the U.S. Navy in Bahrain. Funds will be used for providing scholarships for our annual Young Artist Competition and Youth Symphony Scholarships.

      • No donations have been made to this fund in the 2016-17 Season.

The Legacy Memorial Fund is a place where you may make a donation in Memory of Loved One or Friend. In 2016 we lost a dear friend of the Symphony’s and patron of the arts in Temecula. His name was Jimmy Moore and this fund was set up in his honor. You may make a donation here to anyone of your choosing, in their memory.

• Anonymous in Memory of Jimmy Moore

• Richard & Maria Bartolotti in Memory of Jimmy Moore

• Judith Call in Memory of Jimmy Moore

• Robert & Elaine Culverhouse in Memory of Jimmy Moore

• Peg Moore in Memory of her husband Jimmy Moore


      • * Indicates Principal Musician for $200
        ^ Indicates Section Musician for $100
      • Barbara L. Anderson for LeAnn Splitter – ^Trumpet
      • Marilyn Cooley for Kate Prestia-Schaub – *Flute
      • Fred & Louise Davidson for Bruce Davidson – *Trombone
      • Richard Beene for Gigi Paddock – ^Piccolo
      • Richard Beene for Mark Brownlee – *Clarinet
      • Susie & Wayne Kelley for Bret Kelley – *Trombone
      • Ron Lycan for Ron Lycan, Jr. – ^Percussion
      • Lynne Rupert for Paul Ciolek – *Violin

FRIENDS – Donations of up to $99

      • Brigitte Aldrich
      • Gloria Aranda
      • Marcia Au
      • Richard & Maria Bartolotti
      • Nancy Benjamin
      • Antoinette C. Birnbrich
      • Lesley Carlson
      • Joyce Cellilli
      • Alex Denes
      • Michael DeNicola
      • Betty Dixon
      • Dale & Jeanne Drexler
      • Doris & Cliff Elder
      • B.J. Hanley
      • Dorothea Hiptmair
      • Linda Jolliffe
      • Margaret LoGiudice
      • Alma Lyon
      • John Maguire
      • Melvin Miller
      • Martha Minkler
      • Jack P. Norris
      • Barbara Oliver
      • Myron Reed
      • Bruce Robinson
      • Karla Scherer
      • Jeanne Woodyard
      • Insook & Won Sang Yoo, RANPAC
      • Mary Williams


      • Bennett & Bennet Lawfirm
      • Thalia Evenson – Gift Baskets
      • Stan Fry Photography
      • Susan Miyamoto Music Studios
      • John & Amy Morris
      • Jody Nottinham – Nottingham & Associates, CPA
      • Nancy VandenBerg – Art & Soul Graphics)