Letter from THE Music Director

To the Temecula Valley Community and Beyond:

We are incredibly fortunate to live in a time when more music is being written for symphony orchestra than ever.  In addition to the 3 centuries of concert music from hundreds of composers from dozens of countries, we also have music from the movies, theater, dance, video games, and television encompassing all styles and idioms of music, and endless combinations of instruments.  

Come experience this music come to life as the music travels through the air in the concert hall to your ears and through your body and soul.  The thrill and sensation of live music cannot be reproduced by any loudspeaker, and by attending you will support a cultural tradition that is centuries old.

Our musicians not only strive to provide you with the best musical experience in a live concert hall, but also influence the community through teaching music and by mentoring our youth through our various youth symphonies.

When you support the symphony, you not only support the music and musicians, but you also support the culture of Temecula Valley, the businesses, the wineries, and the schools and families as Temecula continues to become more well-known as an increasingly great place to live, work, and have fun!

Come and visit soon!

John Mario