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Temecula Valley Symphony's 2017 highlight video
Temecula Valley Youth Symphony at California Adventure - Disneyland

TEMECULA VALLEY YOUTH SYMPHONY performs with Four Seasons Youth Orchestra at Disneyland’s CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE!

Temecula Valley Youth Symphony Cellos with Coach Gina Wingfield

AUDITIONS for TEMECULA VALLEY YOUTH SYMPHONY are available throughout the season. Click here to visit the Youth Symphony section of our website.  

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Songs for the Journey

February 29, 2020

  • The 2020 YOUNG ARTIST COMPETITION will be held on Sunday, March 8, 2020. Winners will be selected to perform at the Symphony’s April 11th concert and will be awarded a cash prize.
  • TEMECULA VALLEY SYMPHONY is celebrating its 25th Anniversary! Join us for a fabulous gala fundraiser event on Wednesday, April 22, 2020.
  • BINGO fundraisers have been a huge success, please JOIN US each month at Rodrigo’s Mexican Grill on Winchester in Temecula. 20% of our food and beverages is donated back to our non-profit. Thank you Rodrigo’s!
  • VOLUNTEERS are needed for Concerts and a variety of projects. We’d love to have you join us. 

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Latest Reviews

Just a quick note of thanks again for the organization of the beautiful performance on Saturday.  Beethoven’s 9th Symphony was spectacular!

So wonderful that I must ask:

​   Can you please have the Temecula Valley Symphony please perform Beethoven’s 9th Symphony at every season finale?!!!

It was so great!  So inspiring!  So wonderful!  My husband and I are still hearing it in our heads.  For the last few days we are viewing flashmobs performing on YouTube Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.  Can’t get enough of it – I’m sure it has to do with the tremendous presentation we viewed this past weekend.

Thank you!


Wonderful concert on Saturday! We especially enjoyed the variety. I always refer to symphony music as “big music” and at the end of the Beethoven piece which combined the power of the orchestra, chorus and four guest vocalists, I turned to my wife and said “now that was BIG MUSIC!” Thanks, Alana for all you do for TVS.

Your performances are professional quality! I also love John Mario’s sense of humor and his educational info / background on what we will be hearing. Zun-Hin Woo was wonderful also, with an interesting & fun sense of humor.

In 5 years I have not attended a performance I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. I keep coming back for more. Keep up the good work!


Alana, yesterday’s concert was most outstanding! Concerts seem to get better and better each year – if that’s possible. Thanks for all you do – looking forward to next season.


AWESOME QUALITY & Open the the whole community. Need to get the word out to more people. It would be cool to have a program for kids!

Came with my college student song for his music appreciation class. I was entertained SO MUCH! I will bring back my younger teenage kids if there is contemporary, Disney, Broadway, rock inspired pieces, etc. I love all classical musicians (I am a musician-piano/voice) Thank you!

Just that it has become a FINE ORCHESTRA!!


EXTREMELY ENJOYABLE! Especially thankful for your Veterans Day concert in Old Town. Thank you for honoring them and the wonderful music. I loved the CURTAINS UP music today! We like a mixture…not too much classical.

Love the variety, the explanations and background for the pieces and all the excellence of the musicians…ALL!!

We LOVE the background info the Conductor gives about the music and love the members of the Symphony. Great job! Love coming!

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