Private Lesson Teachers

Note: teacher’s emails are not listed so as to avoid spambots. If a teacher has a website, it is listed here and many times there is a link on their website to contact them via email.  TVYS does not recommend one teacher over another and it is up to you to do diligent research and interview teachers before making a choice. Be sure you know the goals you wish to achieve for your music lesson studies. Teachers all vary in their teaching approach and one’s style of teaching and their methods may suit you better than another.  Be sure to ask a lot of questions and we’re confident you will find the correct teacher to match your goals. The teachers listed here are all located within a reasonable driving distance from the Temecula / Murrieta area. If you are interested in a listing of more teachers beyond this community then please email us from the Contact Us page on this website.

Why Take Private Lessons?

When you join the TemeculaValley Youth Symphony, Junior Youth Symphony or Prelude (beginning strings) we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to take private music lessons. The study of classical music requires you to have a knowledge of the style of the music you are playing and the technique required to master the music correctly.  Here’s a great blog post about the value of taking private music lessons.

Dr. Rick Wilson (951) 813-6042

Katherine Ortega (951) 265-9356

Gina Wingfield (502) 593-7883
Jean Clower (951) 696-2775
Ruslan Biryukov

Shelby Huber

Kate Prestia-Schaub (310) 936-7357
Kara Wuchner ‭(714) 227-5581‬

Warren Gref (760) 809-7410

Kirk Green (951) 696-1410 #4558

John Mario (760) 429-7773
Corry Bell (951) 805-2198
Eva Martin Hollaus (800) 306-6011
Susan Miyamoto (951) 506-2470

Dave Bradley (951) 302-9755

Amy Morris

Ann Gref (760) 809-7528
Janis Fuhr (951) 440-3418

Zun-Hin Woo (714) 425-6975
Steve Huber (310) 855-4781
Paul Ciolek (760) 723-0464 and
Janis Fuhr (951) 440-3418

John Mario (760) 429-7773
David Reuther Vocal Studios (951) 378-8814

Music Camps

As a member of the Temecula Valley Youth Symphony or Junior Youth Symphony program you qualify for a letter of recommendation that can be written on your behalf from our teaching staff that can be used for applying to music camps and schools.  Please ask us and we will take your request into consideration based on your participation and dedication to the study of music in our program.  Some scholarship funds may be available from TVYS and JYS that can be used to apply to the tuition costs of these programs. Please ask about a scholarship.  More camps will be posted soon.

Arrowbear Music Camp – in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Idyllwild Arts Academy – located in Idyllwild, CA – They offer a summer music camp program and an actual year-round arts academy.

International Music Camp – located on the border of North Dakota and Manitoba, Canada

Luzerne Chamber Music Festival – located at Lake Luzerne, New York.  Elizabeth Pitcairn, President & Artistic Director.

Educational Music Links

Dr. Sylvia Lee Mann’s Recommended Links for TVYS

What is the Viennese Sound?


INTONATION REPAIR TOOL”  is available on   Note: if you purchase this product please use AMAZON SMILE and choose Temecula Valley Symphony as your charity / non-profit of choice. A portion of this sale will be donated to our organization. Thank you.

Stay Tuned – recommended music to listen to

David McGill’s Sound in Motion
This is the best guide I have seen about phrasing and musical expression. David McGill looks at the inherent grammar of music and uses a system of numbers (which represent relative dynamics) to make music sound expressive.

Daniel Barenboim Piano Masterclass 
Watch pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim coach famous concert pianists. Notice how these details make the music come alive!

All Star Orchestra
This series is well produced and presented. Watch the different episodes as they explore many orchestral pieces. There are also interview videos on their channel and special instrument feature videos for each piece. Listen and watch EVERYTHING that they do!

Conducting Gustav Mahler
Some conductors are famous, some are insightful and some are both. These conductors spend their lives trying to figure out exactly how to make music sound authentic and how to get a large group of musicians to work together. If you have not yet heard Mahler’s music this would be a great place to start.

Mahler’s 5th Symphony, Daniel Barenboim, Chicago Symphony
This is an incredible example of an orchestra that listens and adjusts constantly. Daniel Barenboim has some of the best ears and sharpest musical mind on the planet. His conducting style forces the orchestra to listen to each other and make independent decisions.


Listening Links